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BurnSim is great! Easy to use, very accurate, versatile, and just plain fun to play with.

-Terry McCreary
Tripoli Board of Directors
Author Of Experimental Composite Propellant
You may download BurnSim and use it at no cost, with some limitations. Until activated, BurnSim will only run 10 simulations at a time, and you cannot save your files. For the small license fee of $39.00 you get unlimited personal use of the software (single user - up to 5 installs/reinstalls). BurnSim 2.x license holders can upgrade to version 3.0 for $14.00. This fee supports the author's efforts and promotes the continued development of BurnSim. Click the registration link above for more information.

Please email with bug reports, questions, or feature requests.

Version History

Version 3.3.9 - released 9/5/2023
Mail validation for licenses, free licenses issued to EDU users
Bugfix - nozzle exit dia field sometimes changed when nozzle throat was changed
Bugfix to ENG file export, remove dash in motor designation which breaks several altitude simulation programs
Bugfix - grain update button was failing to preserve selected rows in grid
Fixes to Cross Grain algorithm
Bugfix - linear units was failing to do conversions correctly when adding grains in mm
Updates to ENG export - correct format for delays, allow customization of motor designation
Help Menu now opens the Wiki
Corrections to linear units, included propellant c* and density
updates to activation dialog
Bugfix - initial kn in summary wrong when nozzle erosion > 0
Bugfix - debug/stop statement causing program crash in large grains

Version 3.3.3
UI scaling fixes to graph area
New Windows Installer
Printing fixes
New checkbox to export eng based on imported pressure data
Can now specify number of data points to trim off imported data, instead of just one at a time
Motor designation is displayed for both simulated and imported data (if present)
Test data import from CSV as well as clipboard

Version beta
Added Nozzle erosion
Added Software License to splashscreen/about
UI Scaling fixes for output data fields being cutoff
Bugfix - c*/isp* wiping each other out if one is saved as zero
Added Batch run from command line arguments
Bugfix in activation process causing failure on special characters
Bugfix burn routine causing runaway loop for endburner simulations
Units for grain dimension fields in MM And Inches
Fixes to graph line colors, color pickers, saving colors
Added graphing of thrust data calculated from imported pressure data
Fixed Windows Forms Controls old versions obsolete issues
Fixed UI issues with removing apply button (put it back)
Update to calculate and store thrust, mass flux and mass flow from imported pressure data
Update to include imported test data and calculated data from those in CSV export
Fix licensing logic to handle license count correctly
Fix to moon burner grain validation logic when using 0 diameter core
Unit choices for linear, pressure, force
Mass Flux reporting per grain in data export, ui reports max overall and which grain
Fix when deleting all grains from a motor causing errors

Version 3.1.8
More UI scaling fixes for Vista / W7
C* added as a propellant characterization property
Miscellaneous minor bugfixes

Version 3.1.6
Rolled to Visual Studio 2008 / .NET 3.5
UI scaling fixes for Vista / W7
Automatic check for new versions
Bugfix - unit changes broke ENG file generation
Printing scaling fixes
Input checking on ENG export to prevent conversion errors

added version check option to startup and help menu
bugfix - crash on grain grid update

Removed popup when sim is run with no propellant grains
re-wrote logic driving the set max kn feature (so it actually works)
bugfix - when using arrows to move up and down in grain grid the grain fields and image were not updating
port/throat area ratio label updated to be readable when color changes to alert to possibly unsafe values
Added printer setting dialog when printing
Printing layout updated yet again, corrected aspect ratio of graph, added nozzle info

bugfix - registry access failure errors when trying to set burnsim as default program for .bsx files
bugfix - changed registry locations used for activation so UAC will no longer cause conflicts
bugfix - propellants.xml moved from application folder to user documents folder and renamed to burnsim3_propellants.xml to avoid UAC confict
bugfix - help file not always opening when user hits F1
bugfix - x axis modification failing ungracefully if end is zero and start > 0 (error condition if start > end)
bugfix - errors / hang when deleting last grain from grid, defaulted to selecting top grain after delete. Now selects grain closest to what was deleted, no errors
typos and other corrections to help file
bugfix - when updating grains highlighted selection no longer is lost after clicking 'update' button
added buttons to move grains up and down in grains grid
printing format changes (printing is a work in progress, but getting better)

new grain types, tablet (uninhibited bates) and pie segment
bugfix - inconsistent results when clicking buttons or changing fields with a sim running
file association with .bsx
bugfix - files not loaded correctly when saved with 'use thrust coefficient' instead of nozzle calcs
added mass flow
added graph x axis start and stop for zooming in on the graph
bugfix - star major width values not displaying correctly in graph
bugfix - ctrl-c to stop simulation was not working
bugfix - if BurnSim was closed when max kn loop was running, would get into a loop and process would never die
bugfix - ENG export was using 'open' file dialog instead of 'save' file dialog
put back expansion ratio color coding
printing re-worked
bugfix - deleting all grains from a motor while sim is running caused a hang
bugfix - finocyl grain validation
bugfix - when opening older burnsim files without propellant data and the propellant isnt already in the system

bugfix - expansion ratio and nozzle exit diameter problems fixed
bugfix - installation over old version no longer requires uninstallation first
bugfix - was not redrawing graph when turning off graph lines, now does
perf - sim time improved by 20% on motors using same propellant in all grains
bugfix - propellant data saved to motor files didnt include propellant PVPs and notes

bugfix - max kn not working
bugfix - zero nozzle throat error when clicking new sim button
bugfix - unsaved file check when clicking new sim button

Context Sensitive Help / documentation
Calcluate exit dia from expansion ratio
Port/throat ratio is back, as well as throat/port
Graphic display of propellant grains
Ability to mix grains of different propellant type
Vary a, n, and ISP* for different pressure ranges
UI changes and miscellaneous bug fixes
Keep notes on specific propellants and motors
Import test data and graph it alongside sim data for comparison, imported data saved to the motor for later use
Migrated to Microsoft .NET platform

Version 2.3.71 (release)
Added Finocyl Grain Support
Printing of simulation data is now supported

Version 2.3.67
Various bug fixes

Version 2.3.57 (release)
Added Finocyl Grain Support
Printing of simulation data is now supported
Added control of graph line colors
Can now choose from either nozzle calculations or given thrust coefficient for thrust calculations
Can now specify nozzle flow efficiency and ambient pressure for Nozzle / Momentum Thrust Calculations rather than assuming sea level
Installing over an existing version will no longer wipe out your propellant data
Friendlier to smaller motors (sub 10 NS)
Propellant properties now saved in motor files so when sharing files the propellant data is brought across with the motor data.
Fixed bug when exporting ENG files, delimiter between delays
Fixed "Subscript out of Range" error on motors with a >10 second burn time
Fixed bug where motor fields cleared if you hit cancel on file open dialog
Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.2.21
Minor bug fixes, including 'unknown registration condition' error

Version 2.2.17 (Release)
Removed 3rd Party Graphing component, graphing now faster, reduced installation dependencies
Fixed bug when exporting ENG files of regressive motor burns

Version 2.2 BETA 2
Corrected field validation issues with nozzle dimensions and simulation cutoff
Improved nozzle optimization speed
Added 'Minimize' button
Fixed UI Tab order issues
Other Miscellaneous minor bugs

Version 2.2 BETA 1
Updated UI
Fixed D Grain calculation issues
Added Thrust Coefficient calculations based on nozzle dimensions, no longer need to provide an estimated Thrust Coefficient.
Nozzle optimization
Cut off simulation at x% of max thrust

Version 2.1.14
Fixed form resize issue
Changes to help some win98 issues
Added option to set simulation sample rate
Export data to .csv
Corrected .ENG file issues
Added some tooltip help popups (hover mouse over items in BurnSim to see what they are)
Added status bar
Eliminated conflict with Hybrid Design Program

Version 2.1.2
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
Licensing Validation

Version 2.0.17
Fixed several miscellaneous issues surrounding .eng file exporting
Removed dependancies on scripting components

Version 2.0.14
Corrected error when loading .bsx files from older versions of BurnSim
Added message when .eng export is cancelled
Found and fixed issues with exporting .eng files with invalid content

Version 2.0.13
Fixed zero thrust issue

Version 2.0.12
Corrected install issues
Added support for D grains
Now exports .eng files for use in rocksim or wrasp
ISP* vs ISP clarifications

Version 2.0.7
Initial public release

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